Hello and Welcome…


I am Martin Oakley, a fully qualified and experienced therapist trained in Psychotherapy & Counselling.

As a fully accredited and registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy), I work within their Ethical Framework.

In my practice, I provide clients with a confidential and safe environment to explore their challenges and difficulties. 


An Open Mind Can Overcome Potentially Every Obstacle….



The Therapy Process


Therapy is about supporting a client to explore, identify and create choice, and to discover ways to enhance their life.  Entering into therapy is sometimes not an easy choice for an individual or a couple.  It can take personal courage and commitment, as well as being in the right frame of mind to face an issue or difficulty.  

What is fundamentally needed to support the process is the ‘Therapeutic Relationship’  between the Client and Therapist. Building trust within a safe environment, without shame or judgement of what you bring into therapy, creates the potential for transformational change.  Practicing for over 10 years, I provide an environment and space for clients to explore what is happening in their world.  Having an opportunity to talk to someone who really listens, and where you feel truly heard, can help make the difference.

We will look at ways of enhancing your life through various therapeutic processes, to enable you to learn to speak your truth from a place of self-empowerment; finding your own language to put to an emotion, or an unresolved issue or experience.  Clients I have worked with have ultimately experienced self-empowerment in their own way.







My Experience Working With Martin…

“It was nothing like I expected in so far as the changes that the sessions brought.
Sometimes they felt challenging and other times very insightful.
The sessions were structured, but I also felt quite free to explore thoughts,
feelings and events in my own way, and in my own time with
encouragement, and without pressure from Martin”.

What I Was Able To Achieve…

“I was always looking for a ‘formula’ to get better, when in fact what I
think I have achieved is the ability to let go.

The more I let go, the more relaxed I became. I was less stressed, anxious,
panicky and depressed. I am realising that I don’t need ‘more’, in fact,
I need ‘less’ in order to live a more natural and enjoyable life”.

What I Have Gained Long-Term…

“More of what I already seem to be creating, which is trust, calmness, peace
and compassion. The sessions created a sense of inner balance and harmony,
allowing me to be my own person and to discover that I am quite a good one!


One-to-One Therapy Sessions, 2019