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How Often Do I See Clients?


My recommendation is to initially see clients on a weekly basis to build the therapeutic foundation and support. This can be mutually discussed and agreed, and you may wish to continue weekly, fortnightly or even monthly sessions. This will take into consideration your therapy needs, personal choices, and financial considerations.

We can work short term (up to 4-6 sessions), medium term (2 to 6 months) or even long term.  In most cases, we would work open ended, which allows flexibility towards a mutually agreed closure.  Clients may also choose to take periodic breaks, as and when needed, to reflect on the session work that they have completed so far.

I work flexibly with clients, especially those who have work commitments, single parents, carers, those with family responsibilities, or clients with clinical conditions that can affect their daily routines.


Booking Initial Session

Step 1:
Initial communication can be made directly with me via this website, email, text, phone, or through a Counselling Directory referral.

Step 2:
I will contact you to arrange an initial consultation session (date & time) to discuss the nature of what brings you to seek therapy.

Step 3:
Our initial consultation gives us a chance to professionally get to know each other, as well as to discuss your expectations and needs regarding therapy.  We will assess ways of potentially working together.

We will also discuss terms and conditions of confidentiality, your health and wellbeing, network support, mutual responsibilities, attendance and cancellation procedures, session availability and fees, as well as address your questions and answers about the therapy process.

All initial arrangements will be mutually agreed between the Client and Therapist to begin our work together.

Step 4:
The first therapy session is scheduled within a mutually agreed timeframe at the end of the consultation session.



One Day or Day One ….. It’s a Question of Timing!



Session Fees


My fees per session working with Youngs adults and adults (minimum age 16 years and above):

       Initial Free Consultation (Online Video Only): 

       (As described in Stage 3 above):  £(Free) for a 30 minute session (online Video ONLY)

Online Video Services via ZOOM  (‘Sorry’ no Face 2 Face or Walk n Talk sessions available) :

Individuals:  £45 per session
Couples/Friends Network:   £65 per session
Organisations: £50 per session
Trainee Counsellors: £35 per session
Students (16-21 years): £35 per session


Please note that all sessions will be for 50 minute in length. If you have any additional queries, or require further information, please get in touch using the form on my Contact Me page, and I’ll be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.



How I Aim To Support You


• To embrace a safe place to explore your issue or difficulty.

• To give yourself the permission to let go of hidden emotional hurt.

• To release the suppressed emotions that want to be heard and acknowledged.

• To give yourself the permission to speak your truth and to have a voice.

• To gain insight and understanding of your issue or difficulty.

• To explore ways of connecting / reconnecting to yourself.

• To gain self-awareness to build trust, empowerment, resilience and courage.

• To identify your choices from a place of self-trust and worth.

• To find ways to enhance your life and wellbeing that are meaningful to you.


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